You’ve heard it all regarding how unhealthy smoking is, but you just can’t quit, don’t want to quit, or simply you’re just oblivious to all the hype. And that’s okay – it’s your business. But perhaps you could consider making that habit a little healthier?

When you come down to it, it isn’t the act of smoking (inhaling and holding it in) that will kill you, but the additives that are contained in cigarettes. How can smoking be made healthier?

Well, you can choose a brand of cigarette that has less chemicals. While they all have carcinogens, which has proven to relate to diseases that are smoke-related, some have less nicotine and less tar as well as less of the other ingredients that have been linked to diseases.

The tobacco manufacturers have created cigarettes to entice smokers to stick with the habit. They have labeled their products as being “light” or “mild” regarding the nicotine and tar in them. And while that has appealed to many smokers, it has demonstrated to be counterproductive. How so?

Smokers are led to believe that because their cigarette of choice is the light version or the mild version, they could compensate that less nicotine or tar by inhaling more. As such, in 2009, those labels of “light” and “mild” were prohibited by The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act.

It Is All In The Filter

The filter on cigarettes come in various density, holes, and sizes, and that is what controls the amount of nicotine and tar you’re inhaling by diluting the amount of smoke. The paper or tobacco have chemical additives that affect the measurements of nicotine and tar as well according to the CDC (Center for

No Cigarette Is A Healthy Cigarette

quitting smoking infographic

Let us make that statement clear and understood: There is not any cigarette that is healthy. But, there are some that aren’t as unhealthy, and we are going to tell you about three of them here. This is not an advertisement and we are not compensated by any of the brands that are mentioned here.

3.Lowest Nicotine Level

Carlton has a nicotine yield of 0.1 and a tar yield of 1 mg. Now has a nicotine yield of 0.2 mg and a tar yield of 1 mg. Neither of these brands have proved to be less dangerous, we’re simply stating the levels of nicotine and tar inside them.

As we stated earlier, smokers of cigarettes that are labeled “light” in order to compensate, tend to inhale deeper and more often.  One thought is that perhaps smoking a higher level of nicotine and tar is healthier because you’ll smoke less.

2. Nicotine-Free

Cigarettes labeled “nicotine-free” aren’t out the disease-causing category, but because they do not have nicotine, the addictive substance, they can be a great replacement for somebody trying to quit smoking. Instead of the standard tobacco ingredient, the nicotine-free cigarettes are made with herbs and come in a variety of flavors. Ectasy is a a popular brand.

1. Slim Cigarettes

Slims cigarettes have an elegant look, are popular, have a low nicotine and tar exposure. They also have fewer chemicals, and come if a variety of flavors. Popular brands are Karelia, Kiss, and Virginia.

Of course, there are the electronic cigarettes. They have the least amount of chemicals, there is no tobacco contained in them and the nicotine is adjusted by the smoker.

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