The County and municipalities have entered into an Interlocal Agreement that provides for implementation of the sales surtaxes and includes the creation of a Transportation and Infrastructure Surtax Oversight Board (the Oversight Board). The purpose of this Oversight Board is to review each request for the use of sales surtax funds by both Broward County and the cities and determine whether the proposed expenditure is permissible under applicable law. If projects are approved by the Oversight Board, the Board will thereafter monitor project progress [MA1] . If the sales surtax ballot measures pass, this Oversight Board will be established by January 15, 2017. Members of the Oversight Board are appointed by a five member Appointing Authority.

Appointing Authority - Oversight Board

The Oversight Board will be comprised of nine members who will not be paid for their service. Seven of these members must be residents of Broward County. The nine members will consist of the following:

  1. One former elected official;
  2. One former city or county manager;
  3. One Certified Public Accountant;
  4. One member of The Florida Bar (an attorney);
  5. One finance professional;
  6. One urban planning or land use professional;
  7. One engineering or construction management professional;
  8. One professional architect; and
  9. One professional environmental scientist.

No member of the Oversight Board shall, at any time during their term, be an elected official or have an employment or contractual relationship with either Broward County or any of the municipalities. Each member will serve a term of four years unless the member resigns or is removed by a majority vote of the Appointing Authority. After a member’s first four year term is completed, that member can be reappointed for additional four year terms.

The Oversight Board members will be nominated by the Appointing Authority, which will be comprised of five members. These members will consist of the following:

  1. The designee of the Broward Workshop;
  2. The designee of the Broward County Council of Chambers (of Commerce);
  3. The joint designee of the Broward County Auditor and the Broward League of Cities’ Auditor;
  4. The Director of the Florida Atlantic University Center for Environmental Studies, or his designee; and
  5. The designee of the President of Nova Southeastern University or the designee of a majority of the remaining four Appointing Authority members.

Elected officials cannot be Appointing Authority members. Oversight Board members cannot also be Appointing Authority members.

Project Approval Process

The Oversight Board will create an application form to be completed for each project seeking to use sales surtax revenues for funding. All project applications must be approved in writing by the Oversight Board in order to be funded, in whole or in part, with sales surtax revenues. In order to be approved:

(1) the proposed expenditures must be permitted under Section 212.055, Florida Statutes, and

(2) the applicant must have submitted all required external audits.

Additional safeguards are in place with regard to proposed projects intended to involve bond financial.