Top Vaporizers To Give This Christmas

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Whether you’re drawing up your own Christmas list or whether you’re looking for the perfect gift to give the vaper in your life, there are some fantastic vaporizers on the market that are ideal to surprise your loved one this festive season. A starter kit is a great choice for any new vaper, and here, we look at some of the best available.

Apollo Ohm Go

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Perfect for the new vaper, this kit combines performance with user-friendliness in one attractive package. Coming equipped with a 1900mAh battery, the Ohm Go vaporizer pen also comes with a tank and two coils, one at 1.0 Ohm and one at 0.5 Ohm to allow for sub-ohm vaping. With no complicated settings, the Apollo Ohm Go simply recognises which coil is being used automatically and changes the output of the power without any need to press any buttons or change any settings for extra safety and convenience. As the tank is also a top-filling model, it’s a non-messy device too.

The Halo Vapour Co Tank Kit

The Halo Vapour Co Tank KitThis cutting edge vape kit is really flexible, so whatever the user’s preferred style of vaping, it can be accommodated. This device couldn’t be easier to use – all that’s required is to pop in the coil, fill up with e-liquid and you’re good to go. The battery adjusts automatically to the appropriate coil resistance, so there are no safety concerns and no complicated settings to adjust – all the user needs to think about is which flavour of e-liquid they’re going to try! As an added bonus, this is a really affordable kit for shoppers on a budget.

The Aspire K Starter Kit

The Aspire K Starter KitAspire’s K1 kit was pretty popular, but the K2/3 starter kits are even more impressive. Recently released, these kits come with either an 800mAh or 1100 mAh battery, so you can choose which one is best, and as this vape pen is pretty small, it’s easy to take anywhere. The Aspire K2 is well designed and is an excellent performer thanks to the included organic cotton coils. It features an attractive carbon fibre wrap coating for extra style and the included pyrex glass tank is versatile and robust.

V2 Pro Series 3/7

V2 Cigs are well known for their high quality vaping products, and you won’t be disappointed by this great kit which makes the ideal gift for either an experienced vaper or someone who has just made the switch from cigarettes. This vape pen offers the ultimate in flexible vaping thanks to its 3 in 1 functionality. This makes it the ideal device for anyone who likes to vary the materials that they vape between e-juices, wax and dry herbs. Thanks to its magnetic connectors, charging and filling the device is an absolute breeze, and while this is not the cheapest Christmas gift, it’s sure to be appreciated for its advanced technology and great versatility.

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Tripling Numbers Of Online E-Cig Vendors Raises Concerns

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A report has recently been released in the Tobacco Control journal highlighting that the number of online e-cig vendors has dramatically increased over the last few years, causing concern among researchers at the University of North Carolina Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center. The study reveals that the year 2014 saw over 3000 online vendors of e-cigarettes, whereas just one year earlier there were under 1000. By 2018, these figures are likely to be substantially higher, and while the numbers of vendors in themselves may not be a cause for concern, the fact that some of the online retailers are selling low cost products without any age restrictions, thus enabling minors to access them easily, is a lot more worrying. Add to that the availability of sweet flavours which are likely to appeal to young people, and the problems begin to mount up.

Marketing and Age Verification Problems

Earlier in the year, researchers at the same organisation published a further study which revealed problems with the delivery, shipping and age verification processes which were being employed by certain online e-cig vendors. Over half of the companies involved were making health claims about the e-cigs that they were selling, while customer testimonials were often being cleverly portrayed in the style of marketing copy. With prices for disposable e-cigs coming in at as little as just $1 each from some of these e-commerce companies, it’s easy to see why they could prove appealing to youths, and while these devices may be affordable, there was no guarantee as to their quality or even safety. When it comes to age verification, the methods being employed by some of these vendors are also sub-standard, being unable to block access by underage buyers effectively. Only 8.1% of retailers claimed to ask for verification of age when products were delivered and very few requested ID when buying online. minors vaping

Regulation Of Online E-Cig Sales

Although last year saw the US FDA finalising a rule which extending its authority to the regulation of tobacco products and e-cigarettes, it still has a very limited remit over internet sales of these products. Researchers are now calling for rigorous procedures to be put in place for verifying the age of online e-cig buyers both at the point of sale and the point of delivery, together with restrictions on deliveries and payments.

Although most experts have now agreed that using e-cigarettes is considerably safer than smoking tobacco and that they can be an extremely effective aid to stopping smoking thanks to the numerous studies which are now in the public forum proving their benefits, public health bodies are still concerned that regulations should be put in place to ensure that underage buyers are unable to access vaping products. Researchers have now suggested that the data which has been compiled in this latest study with regard to the marketing and sales of e-cigarette products online be analysed by the FDA and then used to inform future regulations of vaping equipment sales.

Advantages of Smoker’s Association Program


The best thing to happen to you is when you have finally decided to take the U-turn by quit smoking. It takes a lot of strength to overcome a weakness especially that it can eat your life out to dust. Having to smoke tobacco and nicotine can decrease life expectancy because its side effects can surely put you at risk. Nowadays, many people found to be suffering from Cancer and other forms of illnesses due to excessive smoking. If you are thinking of smoking, perhaps think again twice and learn more about its outcome.

There are several ways for you to plan on quitting smoking. However, not everyone is successful in doing it perhaps because of the lack of support system, and the exposure triggers the habit more. If you don’t know how to manage, enrolling yourself in a smoker’s association program can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. This is another way for an individual to stay motivated in life until such time that he or she can manage it on their own.

A smoker’s association program can do many things for you to develop your freedom from excessive smoking. Looking into their method, you will see how it will change your life for the better. To further understand here is one expected outcome that you might encounter with a support group system.

Outcome: after one month of being a smoke-free individual is expected to perform daily routine exercises or activities without having to experience any shortness of breath. To be able to perform activities of daily living without having to smell of cigarette especially on clothes. The sense of taste is also improved and decrease or fading of stains on teeth and fingernails.

This is one example that a successful method is performed daily by a smoker. Changing the old habit into a newer habit is not that simple. It takes one person to stop thinking about getting a stick of cigarette and starts lighting it again. Your local smoker’s association program can extend their help. Through effort and hard work, you will see that even in a month time you can control the craving.

Another advantage that you can earn while on support group is that you get to have a mindset. As what most motivators would say, having a good mindset can let you do things and improve your life more. It takes one mindset to fully change your old habit and train yourself to become better daily.

As you are doing the method that the support group had provided, you will also realize that your health is more stable wherein your blood pressure and heart rate is in the normal range. Smoking cessation relieves your shortness of breath since clean oxygen is taking place in your respiratory system. It reduces your risk of any Coronary diseases and Lung failure.

Calculating your life expectancy increases your opportunity to live life the fullest by enjoying it with the people that have helped you get through the smoking addiction. You are as well increasing your lifeline through putting effort into living a healthier lifestyle such as exercising, becoming more productive at work and avoiding triggers that can stimulate the sense of smoking. However, if you can develop self-control, smoking is no longer a problem to you. In fact, the method that the support group has provided enables you to train your mind to avoid the habit of smoking. In conclusion, you hold the key to living healthier and free from illnesses.

Will Anti-Smoking Budget Boost Vape Pen Sales?

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The UK saw the second Budget of 2017 last week and it was bad news again for Britain’s smokers. Chancellor Philip Hammond increased tax on cigarettes and tobacco for the second time in less than a year leaving the country in no doubt that the government is taking a firm anti-smoking stance. With the price rise kicking in from 6pm last Wednesday, smokers are facing spending an even larger proportion of their weekly budget on their habit, and needless to say, it hasn’t gone down well. On the other hand, it all looks like good news for the vaping industry, as more smokers are likely to seek alternatives to tobacco in an attempt to circumvent the extortionate tax hikes.

The Two Budget Scenario

2017 has seen an unusual situation arising in that the chancellor announced at the March Budget that in future, instead of announcing tax rises in spring, the Budget would be moved to autumn instead and the change would be taking place from this year. This left the UK in the unprecedented situation of having more than one Budget within a 12 month period. This has also meant that the “annual escalator” – the process which determines the amount by which tax should rise each year – has been applied once already in May after being announced in the spring. To the nation’s shock and horror, the annual escalator has been applied for a second time this month, according to the rules in the “Red Book”, meaning that, among other things, cigarettes, which were already priced highly, have seen vast increases over their cost at this time last year.

The Cost Of Smoking

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The price of cigars and cigarettes increases each year by 2 percentage points above the inflation rate, while the price of tobacco increases by 3 percentage points. At the present moment, the UK’s inflation rate is 2.9%, and this means that cigarettes have seen a price rise of 4.9% on cigarettes and a shocking 5.9% on rolling tobacco. Following the budget in March, the average cost of a 20 pack of cigarettes had climbed to an all time high of £9.91. When the tax increases of this latest budget are applied, the same packet of cigarettes now costs 49p more, raising the price to an eye-watering £10.40. Over the course of a single year, this adds approximately an additional £178.85 to the cost of smoking.

How Can Smokers Avoid The Price Hikes?

Smokers are stuck between a rock and a hard place with this latest budget. Do they just bite the bullet and cough up the cash, or do they quit the habit? The problem is, of course, that for the UK’s 10 million smokers, stopping smoking isn’t that simple, and that’s where vaping comes in. The recent Stoptober campaign highlighted vaping as an effective way of ditching tobacco, and even the UK’s medical profession are now starting to recommend vaping as a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes. With the added incentive of this month’s price rises, it’s likely that the vaping industry will see increased profits as more people try to avoid the increases by investing in vaporizers.

If You’re Going To Smoke, Choose One Of These 3

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You’ve heard it all regarding how unhealthy smoking is, but you just can’t quit, don’t want to quit, or simply you’re just oblivious to all the hype. And that’s okay – it’s your business. But perhaps you could consider making that habit a little healthier?

When you come down to it, it isn’t the act of smoking (inhaling and holding it in) that will kill you, but the additives that are contained in cigarettes. How can smoking be made healthier?

Well, you can choose a brand of cigarette that has less chemicals. While they all have carcinogens, which has proven to relate to diseases that are smoke-related, some have less nicotine and less tar as well as less of the other ingredients that have been linked to diseases.

The tobacco manufacturers have created cigarettes to entice smokers to stick with the habit. They have labeled their products as being “light” or “mild” regarding the nicotine and tar in them. And while that has appealed to many smokers, it has demonstrated to be counterproductive. How so?

Smokers are led to believe that because their cigarette of choice is the light version or the mild version, they could compensate that less nicotine or tar by inhaling more. As such, in 2009, those labels of “light” and “mild” were prohibited by The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act.

It Is All In The Filter

The filter on cigarettes come in various density, holes, and sizes, and that is what controls the amount of nicotine and tar you’re inhaling by diluting the amount of smoke. The paper or tobacco have chemical additives that affect the measurements of nicotine and tar as well according to the CDC (Center for

No Cigarette Is A Healthy Cigarette

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Let us make that statement clear and understood: There is not any cigarette that is healthy. But, there are some that aren’t as unhealthy, and we are going to tell you about three of them here. This is not an advertisement and we are not compensated by any of the brands that are mentioned here.

3.Lowest Nicotine Level

Carlton has a nicotine yield of 0.1 and a tar yield of 1 mg. Now has a nicotine yield of 0.2 mg and a tar yield of 1 mg. Neither of these brands have proved to be less dangerous, we’re simply stating the levels of nicotine and tar inside them.

As we stated earlier, smokers of cigarettes that are labeled “light” in order to compensate, tend to inhale deeper and more often.  One thought is that perhaps smoking a higher level of nicotine and tar is healthier because you’ll smoke less.

2. Nicotine-Free

Cigarettes labeled “nicotine-free” aren’t out the disease-causing category, but because they do not have nicotine, the addictive substance, they can be a great replacement for somebody trying to quit smoking. Instead of the standard tobacco ingredient, the nicotine-free cigarettes are made with herbs and come in a variety of flavors. Ectasy is a a popular brand.

1. Slim Cigarettes

Slims cigarettes have an elegant look, are popular, have a low nicotine and tar exposure. They also have fewer chemicals, and come if a variety of flavors. Popular brands are Karelia, Kiss, and Virginia.

Of course, there are the electronic cigarettes. They have the least amount of chemicals, there is no tobacco contained in them and the nicotine is adjusted by the smoker.

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